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  • Make your CV in WORD  if possible.

  • Avoid tables, borders or fancy formatting as these do not always travel well by computer to computer.

  • Keep your CV to 2 pages if possible, no more than 3 maximum.

  • Avoid abbreviations – others often misunderstand

  • Avoid words which are padding and say nothing  - eg “When I was in this job I was responsible for” is padding ]

  • If you have a lot to say – use bullet points

  • Include your strong points and attributes

  • List jobs in date order starting now, working backwards

  • Name software you can use and list all the tasks you have experience of - that are relevant to the job you are looking for. If you have changed career, be brief about duties in the non relevant jobs.

  • Read your CV to make sure it includes skills and abilities that are useful and relevant the job.



CV Content

Qualifications – list latest ones first, working backwards


List jobs beginning with the current one and work backwards


Show  Month and Year that you started and finished at all jobs within last 15 years. Go back further if relevant.


Show company names and your job titles.

Describe what you did and what skills you gained or demonstrated in each job.

If you are in Sales, state production in £ and in terms of performance against target and against others in company – make it clear how successful  you have been. List Awards and Achievements.

List types of products you are familiar with – “everything” differs from person to person. Be specific.

List Software programs you can use - Excel, Avello, First Software, Adviser Office, Intelligent Office?

State reasons for leaving current and previous job and the income you had.

If you have gaps in employment –  give reasons eg  bringing up a family, out of work following redundancy  - took a career break – seeking work


Read over your CV   - spell check it   - ensure it shows    Name, Address , Email address & Phone numbers 



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