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SENDING YOUR CV   01904 640 753



If you are thinking of moving to a new job - register your details with us now. 


Even if you are only at the thinking stage


email your CV  to kathy@fs-recruit.co.uk


say what you would be interested in


This  will give us time to find the right job for you.

We might have an interview waiting for you tomorrow- it does sometimes happen

 but its more likely to take time to find the job you want, especially if you have specific requirements.



If your CV is not in WORD, copy and paste it into the body of your email, to ensure that we are able to read it.


In your email:


- Mention your current salary and benefits  - and the anticipated salary level you want, to consider moving jobs.


- List exams that you are working on, and the expected exam dates.

- List the locations you are happy to commute to.

- Are you only interested in working in the city centre, or do you have a car and prefer the suburbs with parking facilities.

- Is there another town where you would also like to work, as you can easily get there?

- If you are intending moving home, mention where you expect to move to and when.


- include your contact number and the time you finish work, so we can ring you after that time


If you are still putting your CV together, by all means send it later


BUT for now, email with brief details so we can start looking at what we have which might interest you.


We are keen to hear from you. Don't delay. Don't miss out.